We provide storage at your request. The cost of the storage will determine by how many cubic meters that you require fitting all your belongings. In addition to the cost, duration of occupying the storage will also affect the cost.


We provide cleaning services at your request. We can clean the whole house or just a specific area. We clean both inside and outside of your home and will be charged hourly.

Arrange transit insurance:

We can arrange transit insurance but I suggest it will be cheaper if you can arrange it with your insurance company. If you have a content insurance please check with your insurer weather the transit insurance is included in the cover.

Provide materials for packing:

We can provide all sorts of packing materials from bubble wrap, tape, wrapping papers and boxes however these items will be added to your cost if you request. The boxes will be charged according to each size. For each box that you need will be charged.

Assemble and dismantle Furniture:

If you request the boys to assemble or dismantle any furniture it will be charged separately from the hourly rate we charge. The cost is vary depends on different type of furniture. You will have to advise us prior to the moving date and will confirm the cost.


If you require assistance with packing we can help you do it. However this is an extra charge added to the normal cost. It will be charged hourly. You can provide the packing materials but if we have to provide the packing materials you will be charged accordingly.


When the boys unload your belongings at the final destination if you request for the unpacking service they can stay back and unpack all the boxes and whatever you need to be done, will be charged hourly.

Move your belongings

  • Load
  • Deliver
  • Unload


  • Will wrap and pack your crockery
  • Wrap furniture
  • Wrap any glass wares and antiques
  • Then will pack all your belonging if you request


  • Can unpack all items from boxes and unwrap from papers and bubble wrap


  • Will provide storage as per your request


  • Will clean your house if need to clean after you move your belongings as per your request

Arrange transit insurance

  • Can arrange transit insurance if you request

Provide materials for packing

  • Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Papers

The above services except load, deliver and unload will charge extra cost feel free to enquire