Shifting from city to city or to and from New Zealand can be a very stressful process for families. We intend to limit, if not remove this negative experience for our customers. We want to make a difference in the moving of goods within our community. We want to provide the best and most competitive service. We aim to deliver an affordable but quality service within the moving industry.

We are a small family business and we knew from the start we needed to have an edge in our business, to compete with the "big boys and their toys" We knew we needed to have a clear point of difference. We knew we had to be competitive and we asked ourselves the question, what would we want from a removal company?

The answer is simple enough. People want a trustworthy and reliable service for a reasonable price. It sounds simple but many businesses fail this hurdle regularly. Most businesses are committed to delivering on their promises but yet still fail their customers.

We wanted to avoid falling into this trap and deliver on our point of difference. We are a small family company trying to establish a share in a competitive market. What should we do?

Firstly, we aim to earn the trust of our customers and develop our reputation as a small company that can be relied upon to deliver what we promise. In other words, "walk the talk and deliver the service". This means delivering the goods safely and on time. Second, to successfully deliver the service at an affordable and competitive price.

So what is our point of difference? Because we are a small company our overhead costs are lower, hence why we can offer a more competitive price. We can absorb some of the reduced costs while we develop our business. Our lack of size also means we will have a more personal and friendly relationship with our customers.

We do not have a guaranteed mass of endless customers hence we must develop and maintain our customers by providing a personal touch that will enhance their satisfaction and to spread our reputation in the best possible way - by word of mouth.

We have been moving goods for families and commercial entities from city to city in New Zealand since February 2015. We were encouraged to start this business because one of our family members had been working in the moving industry for over 10 years. With his skill and experience in packing, stacking, loading, unloading we knew we could safely transport the belongings of customers to their final destination efficiently and safely at an affordable cost.


We started the business with just one truck and one client. Our business has grown quickly within a short period of time. Our client base has expanded. "So far so good". We believe it is our 'personal touch', our reliable service, our competitive pricing and our willingness to go the extra mile that has led to our success to date.

We now have more trucks in varying sizes to be able to cater to the needs of our customers. We aim for every client to walk away satisfied and say, "THANK YOU SIMONETTI SMART TRANSPORT LIMITED FOR A GREAT SERVICE".

We thank you, the customers who have already used our services and invite you who have yet to hire our services, to give us a try. You will not regret it and expect you to feel that you paid a fair price for an excellent service from SIMONETTI SMART TRANSPORT LIMITED”. KA KITE ANO